Four New Payment Gateways for Jigoshop

I’ve been working hard on Jigoshop plugins through the month of June, so the result is in. Here are the new gateway extensions:

CardSave Payment Gateway

CardSave is a member of the WorldPay group, one of the UK largest payment providers. It has a client membership of more than 40 thousand small and large businesses and provides you with the benefits of a secure, efficient payment processing, and excellent personal customer service.

CardSave gateway extension uses the redirect payment flow. Your customers will be redirected to the CardSave website to make a payment and returned back to you site for a confirmation. Since the payment process is handled by CardSave, SSL certificate is not required for your website.

PayTrace Payment Gateway

PayTrace was founded in 2004 and is an industry leader for providing a safe, easy to use payments processing services. PayTrace is PCI certified, has more than 24,000 users and is dedicated to provide merchants with excellent customer service while increasing security and reducing costs to them. Currently PayTrace is able to process payments in US currency and Visa/ MC/ Amex/ Discover/ JCB credit cards.

PayTrace extension implements the direct transaction method. The user will never away from your site, the payment will be processed directly from your checkout page and a corresponding response will be presented to the customer. Since the customer’s payment information is collected on your website and transmitted to PayTrace an SSL certificate is required in order to protect your customer information.

FatZebra Payment Gateway

Fat Zebra is an Australian payment processor that strives to simplify the process of taking payments while still providing all required functionality of a payment gateway. FatZebra is PCI tier-1 certified and is big on security and protecting the customers information. They accept any type of currency as long as your merchant account supports it and process VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB and Diners credit cards types.

The payment flow of FatZebra is the direct transaction one. Your customers will enter their credit card information on your checkout page and in a few moments will be presented with the corresponding payment response. For a secure transaction and the better protection of your customers sensitive information, a valid SSL certificate is required to be installed and enabled for your checkout page.

Realex – Redirect Payment Gateway

Realex Payments is a leading European online payment gateway, and the Ireland’s leading online payment provider. With Realex you have the chance to take advantage of their very low cost business start up plans starting at 29 Euro per month. You will have the benefit of a great customer service with a very high PCI complaint security, you will start taking payments in no time.

The Realex – Redirect gateway uses the redirect customer experience. Your customers will be redirected to the Realex secure website where the payment will take place. After payment completion the customer will be returned back to your website and presented with a “Completion of payment” page.

These are the Jigoshop extension for the month of June. I hope you like them and you find a use for them. If you have any comments or requests please drop me a line below.

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