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  1. Description
  2. Features
  3. Prerequisite
  4. Installation
    1. I – Upload the plugin
    2. II – Install Linnworks in your Jigoshop store:
    3. III – Download and install Linnworks on your machine.
  5. Options
  6. Changelog
  7. FAQ

Jigoshop Linnworks Integration

Linnworks is an order management and stock control system that integrates with multiple sale channels like eBay, Amazon, Magento and now, Jigoshop.
Linnworks handles the whole sale channel process from order fulfillment to shipping, stock control and inventory management. Using the Jigoshop Linnworks Integration extension you will take advantage of a powerful sale management system, which will control your store inventory, update orders, send emails, print invoices connect with shipping vendors and many more.


Jigoshop Linnworks Integration main features are:

  1. Order Management
    • Automatic synchronization of all orders from Jigoshop. Just pick the order status you want to sync and all orders will be downloaded into the Linnworks system. From there you will be able to print invoices, shipping labels, packaging and much more.
  2. Inventory Management
    • Inventory management allows you to have your whole inventory in one single system. This way you will never oversell your products. Once you sync Jigoshop and Linnworks, any sale downloaded by Linnworks will be automatically reflected in your Jigoshop store and the other way around.
  3. Shipping Management
    • You have many shipping options and need to track each order shipping method? Jigoshop Linnworks Integration allows you to map all your shipping options with Linnworks shipping services. You will automatically know what shipping option the customer chose and take the appropriate action.
    • After the order is processed and shipped it will be updated in the Jigoshop store, at which point a tracking number (if such is assigned) will be emailed to your customer.
    • Shipping Services and Tracking number can be conveniently displayed on the View Order and Track Your Order pages.
  4. Stock Control Notifications
    • Jigoshop Linnworks Integration adds “back in stock” notification, which is automatically sent when new stock is added to an already “out of stock” product.
    • It adds a new “Order Completed” notification, which informs the customer the order is shipped and provides the Shipping and Tracking info.


Before you setup the Linnworks integration there are prerequisites that you should know and meet.

  1. You need a Jigoshop store set up and at least one order placed.
    • The order needs to be in the status that Linnworks will download.
  2. Every Product needs a unique SKU.
    • That is true for all products and variations. Linnworks treats variations as a separate products.
  3. Main variable product does not count in inventory.
    • You should track inventory for each variation in the Variable products. Essentially the main variable product will not count toward the inventory and could stay unlinked in the Linnworks system.


Please bear with me. The installation is not three steps and we’re done. It is not complicated, but involves a lot of steps.

I – Upload the plugin

  1. Upload the `jigoshop-linnworks-integration` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

NOTE: all options are set with default values

II – Install Linnworks in your Jigoshop store:

  • Go to Jigoshop > Settings > Linnworks
    1. In Main Integration Settings

      • Enable Inventory Synchronization
      • Enter a prefix you want to appear in your Order Reference Numbers. This option is important to distinguish selling channels.
      • Pick the order status of the orders Linnworks will download from your store. Recommended: “Processing” is the most appropriate status.
      • Pick the status your orders will be update to, when marked as processed in Linnworks. Recommended: “Completed” is the most appropriate status.
      • Choose if you want to sync shipping and payment services.
    2. In Notifications Settings

      • Choose if you want to send “out of stock” and “back in stock” notifications
      • Choose if you want to send “order complete” notifications and if you want to leave a note to the customers on the orders.
      • Enable debug mode. Enable this option only to generate information from couple of syncs.
        • IMPORTANT: The debug log can be substantial depending on your store orders. Do not leave it on for a long time.
    3. Save Changes

    III – Download and install Linnworks on your machine.

  • Choose your Linnworks plan.
  • Register and account with Linnworks and login
  • Download Linnworks from your account page and follow the “Installation Instructions” on their website .
  • Once installed start Linnworks and follow the “Integration Instructions” here – For “Type of the website cart” choose “Bespoke Website”.
  • When you get to “Step 6” from the “Integration Instructions”, you will need to open your store Linnworks settings page (Jigoshop > Settings > Linnworks) and scroll down to the “Generated Queries”section.
    • Copy and paste each query in the corresponding field in the Linnworks “Query Designer” (Step 6)
    • After you pasted all queries click on the “Test All” button and continue with the integration steps to the end.
    1. When the integration is done open the “linnworks_xml.php” file (in notepad++ or your favorite editor) that came with your Jigoshop Linnworks Integration extension.

      • Enter the database details you entered on Step 2 in the fields on top of the file, named: DB_HOST, DB_USER, DB_PASS, DB_NAME and PASSWORD ( Example: define( ‘DB_HOST’, ‘Localhost’ ); )
          • The PASSWORD field you will find by going to Linnworks > Settings > Channel Integration > Click on the Channel “Config” button > Query Designer button > click any of the edit fields > You will see the PASSWORD in the “Gateway Password” field.(See the above image)

    2. After you filled the fields with the appropriate information: .
      • Save and upload the file to the “FTP Server path” you entered on Step 2 of the “Integration Instructions” ( Example: ftp:// )
      • This will overwrite the initial file uploaded by Linnworks. ( Overwrite the with the filled and saved file. )
    3. Your integration is now setup. Enjoy!




    Click here to see the changelog.


    VERY IMPORTANT: Do NOT Permanently Delete any of your products. Trashing a product is good enough. Permanently deleting a product will leave you with a none working Linnworks integration and sometimes a big mess to sort out. If you still did do it, please use the contact form to get help.