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Realex Payment Gateway

This plugin allows you to use Realex payment gateway within your Jigoshop powered WordPress.



  1. Upload the `jigoshop-realex-gateway` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Navigate to `Jigoshop > Settings > Payment Gateways` to configure the Realex gateway settings.
  4. If you need help on how to upload and activate a WordPress plugin click here.


I – Provide your Referring URL and Response URL to Realex.

II – Steps to configure your Realex Gateway installation.

  1. Login to your Jigoshop store.
  2. Choose test or live mode.
  3. Enter your Realex Merchant ID.
  4. Enter your Realex Shared Secret.
  5. Set your Auto Settle preference, Auth-Capture or Auth.
  6. Enter your Realex sub-accounts. One sub-account is required, enter the sub-account name and a display name.
  7. Save Changes.




== 1.2.2 – 2013-09-03 ==

* Fix: Added the Country code to the TSS parameters.

* Tweak: Added customer message for the Failed Payment Response.

* Tweak: Changed the placeholders for the Successful Payment Response.

* Tweak: Added the Product SKU/ID to the Realex product ID parameter.

* Tweak: Added the Name of the customer to the Realex Customer number parameter.

== 1.2.1 – 2013-08-07 ==

* Fix: Now the TSS field is generated in the correct order..

== 1.2 – 2013-08-04 ==

* New: Options for use of multiple sub-accounts.

* New: Only a simple message is returned after a payment attempt. (Realex Payment Response Compliance).

* Fix: Now every payment request has unique order id parameter.

* Tweak: transaction info is logged to the order admin page.

== 1.1.2 – 2013-03-05 ==

* New: Debug mode for better issue debugging

* New: option to choose to show a simple message of Successful payment or the Thank You page.

== 1.1.1 – 2012-12-17 ==

* Tighten the code a little bit.

* Empty cart on successful payment.

== 1.1 – 2012-08-15 ==

* Tweak: Updated to support Jigoshop version 1.3

* New: Added option to choose the Realex response page.

== 1.0 – 2012-07-06 ==

* Initial Release