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TrustCommerce Payment Gateway

The Jigoshop TrustCommerce Gateway extension enables you to accept credit card and eCheck payments straight from your checkout page.
SSL Certificate is required to use TrustCommerce Gateway


  1. Upload the ‘jigoshop-trustcommerce-gateway’ folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Navigate to `Jigoshop > Settings > Payment Gateways` to configure the TrustCommerce gateway settings.
  4. If you need help on how to upload and activate a WordPress plugin click here.


Steps to configure your TrustCommerce Gateway installation.

  1. Login to your Jigoshop store and navigate to ‘Jigoshop > Settings > Payment Gateways > TrustCommerce’.
  2. Enable TrustCommerce.
  3. Set your “Method Title” and “Description”, these options will show on the checkout page.
  4. Enter your “TrustCommerce Customer ID”.
  5. Enter you “TrustCommerce Password”.
  6. Pick the “Transaction Type” of the payments. Supported currently are Sale and Authorization.
  7. Pick the credit cards you want to accept payments from.
  8. Choose if you want to enable “Support Check Payments”.
  9. Pick the “Transaction Request Method”. This is how the payment request is send.
  10. Pick if you want to enable “Debug Log”.
  11. Set a test or live mode.
  12. Save Changes.


  • Accepted Cards
    • Choose the cards you can and want to accept payments from.
  • Support eCheck Payments
    • Enabling this option will add support for ACH(eCheck) payments to your store.
  • Save Customers to TC Citadel®
    • Your customers will be securely saved to the TC Citadel®. The information can be used from the customer in future payments and for Subscription payments.
  • Save Your Card Text
    • Enter the text to prompt your customers to save their credit card info for easier future payments.
  • Transaction Request Method
    • This option show the method you want the transaction to be transmitted by. Because TrustCommerce offers different methods to integrate the payment gateway based on the server operating system, this plugin supports some of those methods. Please ask your TrustCommerce sales rep or support for help with the installation of the payment method you need.
    • The options available are:
      • Post – this option is universal and not dependent by the server operating system. ( recommended if you cannot install the TCLink SDK on your hosting server )
      • Windows – this option will use the COM object by TrustCommerce.
      • Linux/Unix – will use the ‘’ extension.
  • Linux/Unix Extension Path – (ONLY if method is Linux/Unix)
    • Please write in the “” extension path relative to the “class.trustcommerce.php” file.
    • If your hosting server operating system is Linux or Unix and you decide to build the TCLink extension and install it on the server, you will have two options of enabling it for use by this plugin.
      • Include it through the php.ini file (Recommended)
      • Including it at run time. In which case you need to specify the relative path to the “” file.( Example: “../../../modules/” )
  • Send Shipping Info
    • Send the customer shipping information to TrustCommerce.
  • TrustCommerce Operator ID
    • You can choose to use this field if there are multiple operators that are potentially entering transactions. The operator field is only used for reporting within TrustCommerce systems.
  • Enable Debug Log
    • Enable debug mode. Debug mode will provide you with the information generated during the payment, including request and response parameters and errors.
    •  Credit card information will not be collected by the debug log. This option is recommended for test mode and testing of any possible issues.
  • Debug Email
    • Email you want to receive all debug logs to. If email field is empty, the admin email will be used.
  • Enable Test Mode
    • Test you integration by making test payments.
  • Changelog

    == 11.12.2012 – 1.1 ==

    == 11.14.2012 – 1.0 ==