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What is an affiliate Program?

An affiliate program allows you to generate extra income by referring customers and business to a website, in this case this is us.

How Affiliate Program Works?

Affiliate programs work through referrals. Referral is generated by a simple link placed either on your website or anywhere on the web. If a customer clicks on that link and then purchases a product from us, we will give you a commission percentage from that purchase.

What do I need to participate?

All you will need is:

What much is the commission?

Commission we offer is 30% of the products purchased through an affiliate link.

When will I get Paid?

We will pay you 14 days after the each month cycle. If you earn commision for January, we will pay you by 14th of February.

Is there a minimum release amount?

Yes, there is a minimum release amount of $50 USD. If your commission exceeds $50 USD, we will pay everything to you. If your commission is less than $50 USD, we will wait for the cycle it exceeds the $50 USD minimum and then pay everything to you.

Are there any statistics I can use to track my referral performance?

Yes, you will have comprehensive statistics and tracking available to you in your Affiliates dashboard. You will be able to see how many referrals you made, how much you earned each month, how much you are due and have been paid.

Can I earn commission on purchases I make?

No, if you are participating in the affiliate program, you cannot earn commission on purchases you make.

Can I make my affiliate link point to a certain page?

Yes, just add “?affiliates=#” ( # – is your affiliate number ) to any url on our website. Example: http://www.www.vanbodevelops.com/?affiliate=2

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