WooCommerce Orders with virtual and downloadable items need processing

When you sell virtual and downloadable products sometimes you need some time after payment to grant the customer a download access. However, WooCommerce does set the orders with only virtual and downloadable products directly to “Completed” status after payment, which can break your order fulfillment flow. Thankfully WooCommerce is also quite versatile…

WordPress Media Uploader: Restrict User to Accessing Only Files They Uploaded

Recently, I worked on a project where customers of a website would create their own listing and with those listings they were able to upload their own images for a listing image gallery. I was up for the task, so I quickly set the WordPress Media Uploader to the frontend submission area for an easy file uploads and image selections. We tested the implementation and everything was working just fine, however, when the client tested the file uploader, he could see my images and add them to his listing gallery. Read how I solved this issue in this quick tutorial.

How to remove Bank Account details from WooCommerce Thank You page?

If we want to remove the bank account details from WooCommerce Thank You page, we’ll need to remove the action of the gateway, which places those details in the first place. This action is called woocommerce_thankyou_bacs and is registered in the WC_Gateway_BACS gateway class. To remove the action we need to get the class itself, so we can match everything the action was

Add a Link Back to the Order in WooCommerce New Order Notifications Email

In this quick tutorial I will show you how to add a link to the order edit page on the WooCommerce New Order email notifications, to the store administrator. It is a very simple, yet useful link to have since you can just click on it and go to the order, right from within your email. As I said, it is very simple to do, so I will just go right ahead and explain it.

How to skip the activation page and send the user straight to the home page for WordPress Multisite

Recently I worked on a project for WordPress Multisite and I was asked if there is a way to skip the “wp-activate.php” page on user activation and instead, send the user to the homepage. On the home page, a “Welcome” message should be displayed, so the user knows that activation is ready and he/she can login right away. Well I though for a while and came up with a simple solution that worked.

Output Jigoshop Admin Styles and Scripts on Its Own Pages Only

I have seen a lot of complaints about Jigoshop outputting styles and scripts to all admin pages instead of doing so only on its own admin pages. This is a common problem among the WordPress community. It’s not a coincidence that one of the most offered suggestion to a problem is to turn off all your installed plugins, but that is a topic for another post. I recently had to set up a store with Jigoshop and experienced the same problem. I had a couple plugins installed and their styles …

Welcome to My New Website

Hello and Welcome to my new website. My site will be my place to show what I can and can’t do. I am very lucky because I like what I do and am very happy when I can learn something new. What I develop, I will showcase here in a form of plugins that everybody can download for free or sometimes buy for a small fee. I do hope you will find my work useful. Of course, I do not plan to only showcase work here. I’d love to get …