ePay.bg One Touch Gateway for WooCommerce

$79.00$199.00 exc. Vat

A purchase entitles you to 1 year support and updates. To receive support and updates you will need to activate the license key on the site beforehand.



ePay.bg One Touch is a payment interface allowing merchants to connect to the ePay.bg payment system and accept payments. The interface allows you to accept payments from an ePay.bg logged in user micro account or unregistered user credit card. For more information about the ePay.bg One Touch please visit their information page.

This “ePay.bg One Touch Gateway for WooCommerce” plugin allows your WooCommerce store to connect to the One Touch system.


  • Accepted Credit Cards – Visa®, MasterCard®
  • Customers pay with saved cards or micro account
  • Subscription payments (WooCommerce Subscriptions is required)

Full Support for Subscriptions

The ePay.bg One Touch gateway supports full payment features of WooCommerce Subscriptions – charge subscriptions, change subscription payment dates, cancel or reactivate subscription payments and more.

Payment with Micro Account

Accept payments through ePay.bg Micro Account for customers that have an ePay.bg registration. The option is easily enabled or disabled in the plugin settings and will be displayed as a separate payment option on the checkout page.

Payment with Credit Card

Accept payments from customers that do not have an ePay.bg account, but still want to pay with a Credit Card. Accepted credit cards can be Visa, MasterCard, Visa Debit and Maesto. The customer will be sent to ePay.bg hosted payment page and returned back to your store after payment.

Payment Tokenization

Allow customers to tokenize and store their payment data on the ePay.bg payment system. Your store only keeps the payment token and uses it for future payments.


Customer Token Management

The customers have full control over their tokens and can delete them from the store at any time or add new tokens for easy checkout.

ePay.bg One Touch Transaction Customer Fees

It is important to note that the One Touch System charges the customer an additional fee for all transactions Credit Card transactions. The fee is displayed by the plugin to the customer and on the ePay.bg Credit Card Payment form, but it is important to keep in mind and know.