PsiGate Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

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A purchase entitles you to 1 year support and updates. To receive support and updates you will need to activate the license key on the site beforehand.

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PsiGate provides Merchant accounts, credit card processing and eCommerce transaction services for businesses across North America, in Canada and the US. PsiGate is a PCI certified and processes payments in Canadian and U.S. dollar for Internet merchant accounts. PsiGate accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, so your customers will have the choice of the biggest credit card names to pay with.

PsiGate accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express … your customers will never leave your store.

PsiGate payment gateway offers a direct payment experience. The customers will stay on your website at all times of the payment process. At the checkout page your customers will enter their credit card information, the payment will be processed and they will be presented with a corresponding payment response. The collected credit card is not stored in your database at any time, but is transmitted to PsiGate for processing. A valid SSL certificate is required in order to offer your customers a peace of mind and the security they deserve.